Criminal Record and Police Information Checks

Volunteer fee is $20 for all PIC or PIC VS applications for the calendar year.  If fingerprints are required, a letter from the volunteer agency confirming the non- paid position will have no fingerprinting fee associated. A $25 fee for volunteer fingerprinting without a letter applies.

Fee schedule varies due to application type from $20 to $75 including electronic fingerprint submissions. Staff will inform you of the fee associated with the record type at submittal of the PIC/PIC VS application.

The Nelson Police Department offers two types of Police Information Checks in accordance with the BC Provincial Police Information Check guidelines:

  • Police Information Check (PIC),
  • Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening (PIC-VS).

For current information, follow this link:


You do not require fingerprints for a Criminal Record Check UNLESS you are flagged according to the National RCMP CPIC policy. Due to a change in National RCMP CPIC policy, there has been a significant change in the Vulnerable Sector Screening. If you have been fingerprinted in the past, for any criminal activity, your Criminal Record Check may be delayed in processing.