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Thermal Imaging Heat and Loss

Thermal Imaging Camera

The Nelson Library and Nelson Hydro are working together to support a sustainable community. This program enables you to sign out a thermal imaging camera that connects to your smartphone to learn about heat loss inside your home. The program is available to library cardholders.

The thermal imaging camera will allow you to see how well your home is insulated; how well doors and windows are sealed; what plug in’s and outlets are leaky; and, the effect of leaving chimney flues open when not in use.

Energy Evaluation

Homeowners who want to explore further are invited to register for the Regional Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) that the Nelson Hydro EcoSave Program delivers. By registering in the REEP and completing recommended energy upgrades from having an EnerGuide energy evaluation, you can lower your energy bills and save up to 30% or more. Opens in new window

Kill A Watt® Meter

Kill A Watt PhotoIf you have a Nelson Public Library card, you can sign-out a Kill A Watt®  meter. These devices can assist you in reducing your electricity costs as they enable you to find out what appliances are actually worth keeping plugged in. Simply connect these appliances to the Kill A Watt®, and it will assess how efficient your appliances really are. A large LCD display will count consumption by the Kilowatt-hour, same as Nelson Hydro. You can calculate your electrical expenses by the day, week, month, even an entire year.


Frequently Asked Questions

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