What is the City doing?

The City of Nelson is dedicated to water conservation and has taken many steps to ensure water efficiency in its own operations and infrastructure.


The City of Nelson’s Water Master Plan identified that with our aging infrastructure, a significant amount of water was being lost to leakage in the system. The City of Nelson is addressing this issue by:

  • Replacing and maintaining existing water infrastructure on an ongoing basis.
  • Focusing on the replacement of galvanized iron and cast iron water mains.

Park Irrigation and City Operations

The Water Master Plan also focused on increasing use of non-potable water for park irrigation and City operations. The City has successfully implemented many measures to decrease our potable water use including:

  • Irrigating the Lakeside Park and Sports fields with lake water.
  • Irrigating Nelson Memorial Cemetery with well water.
  • Irrigating Davies St Park with water from Anderson Creek.
  • Minimally irrigating all other parks during summer months.
  • Using lake water for activities such as street flushing.