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Walking Map

We are currently accepting vendor applications for the 2021 Nelson Farmers Market season.

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The Market for both Wednesday and Saturday is located at Cottonwood Falls Park 199 Carbonate St, Nelson, BC V1L 4P1 

Farm produce, bakers, artisans, community spirit, and much more are all that make the Nelson Farmers Market the heart of our community. Our goal is to provide a market that allows community members to access healthy food and support the direct interactions between farmers and consumers. The Nelson Farmers Market operations are a means of the City of Nelson’s goal to promote and support local food sustainability.

Some of the vendors you will see at our Market include:

Alchemy Food Labs                                                   

Althea Herbals

Bake On Baked Goods

Bent Plow Farm

Bivar Farm

Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals

Bowls by Gary   

Bug B and Elk X                                                   

Confluence Farms

Crooked Horn Farm


Forrest Farm Salmo                                                       

Gardners Dream

Henrys Leather

Jagannatha Express

Kettle Kountry Farm                                

Koru Ceramics 

Magpie Essentials                                                  

Mountain Metal Works 

Nanak Orchard
Rawsa Vegan Gluten Free

Ravine Creek Garden Farm

Red Bird Winery                                        

Seams n Suds                                                    

Slowburn EcoSoy Candles 

Soluna Alchemy                                       

Sproule Creek Sourdough

Wild Honey Clay

Willix Herbals  

Wyndell Craft Distilleries

You Silly Sausage

If you are a local Primary Producer and would like to be a vendor, please contact Jordan Martin at for more information, or hit the Apply Here to Be a Vendor button located at the top of the page. Once we receive your application, we will contact you with a response to your application. Please review the Nelson Farmers Market Vendor Handbook prior to vending.

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Farmers Market Advisory Committee


The Nelson Farmers Market Advisory Committee (NFMAC) consists of a variety of representatives from multiple sectors in the community.

The committee members meet once a month to help inform and provide input on key insights, opportunities, market strategies, and trends relating to the Nelson Farmers Market. Additionally, the NFMAC will act as a source of feedback for City of Nelson staff to help facilitate the development of policy and rule-making initiatives for a fair and efficient market.

Members are selected based on their experience and expertise. The goal is to have an advisory committee with diverse skills, knowledge and perspectives to ensure the Nelson Farmers Market will benefit from a richness of advice and guidance.

 We are now accepting applications for the NFMAC 2021-2023. To apply click HERE.