C2 Zone - 2020 Amendment

The City of Nelson has received an application to increase the maximum density (number of residential units) permitted in the C2 zone, which is a zone that applies to 26 commercial properties outside of the downtown core, mostly along Nelson Avenue. Currently, these properties are only permitted to have one residential dwelling unit, in addition to their commercial use.

See the right-hand column for links to the Zoning Bylaw and to the map of the C2 zone. Alternatively, you can click on this link to open up an interactive zoning map. C2 properties are coloured yellow. The interactive map allows you to type in your address to zoom in, and then you can see how close you are to C2-zoned properties.

The City is currently seeking public feedback on this application. Please complete the short survey here. The last day to fill in the survey is Wednesday, January 29th 2020.

Full Information on the Application

The C2 "Service Commercial Zone" covers a number of properties along the Nelson Avenue/Highway 3A corridor, as well as on Hall Mines Road. It is a commercial zone like the C1 zone that covers most of downtown, except it allows fewer types of land uses, and whereas C1 imposes no limit on the amount of residential dwellings that a downtown property may have, the C2 zone only allows for one residential unit per property.

The owner of a C2-zoned property has applied to the City to increase the number of residential units allowed in that zone. The residential cap could increase from 1 to 3, or instead resemble the downtown zoning and impose no limit on the number of residential units. Instead, the number of residential units is capped by minimum setback requirements, maximum height, maximum lot coverage, and the number of parking spaces required by the City per dwelling.

It is also proposed to borrow the following restriction from the C1 downtown zone:

Residential dwelling unit(s) shall:
i. be contained in the same building, and
ii. be located above or to the rear of the non-residential use, or below the non-residential use, provided that the non-residential use is at-grade; and
b. A minimum of 50% of the gross floor area at street level shall be used for non-residential uses.

This is to ensure that the street-facing, at-grade entrances and façade remain commercial, with residential uses tucked behind, above, or in the basement of the commercial use.

You can review the full, current Zoning Bylaw here.