Climate Action

Nelson’s Climate Change Action Plan

To make sure that our initiatives are coordinated and implemented collaboratively, the City of Nelson has recently produced a comprehensive climate change action plan entitled Nelson Next. This Plan builds on Nelson’s strong foundation with regard to delivering bold action on the environment, offering a range of evidence-based and community-grounded strategies and tactics that will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation) and our vulnerability to climate change impacts (adaptation). 

 Nelson Next is a climate plan for the community. It draws from a rigorous set of baseline data, extensive research, and an intensive engagement process, to consolidate and coordinate existing policies and actions on climate change, while also introducing new actions to address emerging risks and opportunities. 

Front Document

A draft version of Nelson Next was passed unanimously by City Council in December 2020, and the final version is available to the public here

A visual summary of the plan – which can double as a poster for your office or business – can be downloaded here

Get Involved

Nelson Next was informed by our community’s shared challenges, as well as the solutions that we know we have the ability and energy to achieve. As we move to implement the Plan and the solutions that you helped build, we will continue to require support and involvement from our citizens, businesses and organizations. 

If you are interested in staying connected:

  • Please fill out this survey to let us know how you’d like to be involved and so we may inform you of any Nelson Next-related engagement and/or action opportunities in the future.


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