New or Upgraded Services

New Construction or Upgrade of an Existing Electrical Service

When planning to build a new residential or commercial structure, or when upgrading an existing electrical service, contact Nelson Hydro Customer Service as early as possible to start the appropriate site visit and work orders.

For new accounts:

Did you just move in and want to  set up your Nelson Hydro electrical account? Please speak to our Customer Service Representatives at 250-352-8206 or click here to get started.

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Required Information

Have the following information on hand when calling Nelson Hydro to help speed up the process:

  • Name, mailing address and phone number for the applicant. This will be the person responsible for the new service and who the new account will be set up for
  • Location, street number and postal code for the physical location of the work. This is the actual new building location
  • Legal property description (if known), this information is on the title for the property, and also available from the property tax notice
  • Electrical contractor information. The new service will require the services of a licensed electrical contractor

See more information in our latest New Service Electrical Service Application (PDF) and Service Requirements Form (PDF)

Fixed Fee Connection Rate

Nelson Hydro has a fixed fee connection rate schedule based on the amperage, voltage and overhead or underground delivery system. It is your electrical contractors' responsibility to inform Nelson Hydro what size and type of electrical service your construction requires. That electrical service size, and whether the service is overhead or underground will determine your connection charges.

Meter Box

Site Visit

Once Nelson Hydro has been contacted, a site visit is required to choose the electrical meter location on the building, and the attachment details. If the new construction requires an extension of primary and/or secondary service, that project will be reviewed during the site visit. Since Nelson has a large rural area, it is often the case that new construction requires an extension of existing infrastructure. These extension costs are borne by the customer/developer requiring the new service(s).


No electrical connections can be scheduled until all payments, permits and necessary rights of way are in place.