All field activities associated with revenue collection is grouped under Metering. Expenditures include labor and vehicles for meter reading, connects, disconnects and all activities associated with Measurement Canada certification of new meters and re-certification of meters in service.

Meter Types

For Residential electricity metering in the Nelson Hydro service area there are currently two main types of meters used;

  • C1SR: These meters are used mainly on single family residential applications,
  • CN1SR: These meters are used mainly in apartment and strata developments

RF Transmitter Types

The meters use an R300 personality module to communicate with the meter reading device. The R300 modules used at Nelson Hydro come in two variants as specified by -2 or -3. We have requested further information from the manufacturer on the characteristics of these modules and can summarize the data we currently have as follows.

Characteristic of Modules CENTRON
Smart Meter
Used in Nelson Hydro Service Area No Yes Yes
Broadcast Frequency 902 to 928 MHz 902 to 928 MHz 902 to 928 MHz
Transmit Power
304.09 milliwatts 147 milliwatts 23 milliwatts
Transmit Repeat Rate not applicable 30 Seconds 30 Seconds
Transmit Duration not applicable 47 mS (IDM) +
5.86 mS (SCM)
47 mS (IDM)
+ 5.86 mS (SCM)
Percentage of time transmitting not applicable 52.86.mS/30 S = 0.176% 52.86.mS/ 2 S = 2.64%

Identifying Meter Nameplate Data

A typical meter faceplate from Nelson Hydro is shown in the Memorandum (PDF). CN1SR meters are similar.

Identifying Meter Nameplate Data

Further Information