Snow Update


Environment Canada has issued a “Winter Storm Warning” for Wednesday evening, February 8th, 2017. There is potential for another 15 – 25cm of snow overnight and another 10 – 20cm tomorrow.
*Please be advised: The warmer temperatures tonight may bring about a wet, heavier snow fall which could impact the snow load on decks, sheds, campers and other structures in your yard.
The City would, again, like to thank residents and businesses for getting out and shoveling snow from their sidewalks and vehicles. We also want to thank residents for helping their friends and neighbours with snow removal. We continue to encourage residents to assist their neighbours who may have mobility issues and unable to remove their snow. The City would like to caution drivers and pedestrians to be extra diligent when moving about the City. In many cases, the roads are single lane due to the heavy snow load and parked vehicles.
** It is important that SNOW IS REMOVED FROM PARKED VEHICLES so that City employees in heavy equipment have a clear line of sight of each and every parked vehicle in the City.**
The following regulations should be adhered to in order for the snow removal equipment to operate at maximum capacity:
  1. All vehicles should have snow cleared off.
  2. All vehicles must move at least once every 72 hours.
  3. There is no parking on Baker St. from 2:00am – 7:00am from Sunday to Wednesdays (signs are posted).
  4. There is no parking on the central downtown business area side streets from 2:00am – 7:00am from Thursday to Saturday. (signs are posted)
  5. Do not park on streets where orange pylons have been put out, as this indicates that snow clearing will be taking place.
  6. In all other residential areas, where it is practical and does not cause your vehicle to be parked illegally, we ask everyone to park on the even numbered side of the street on even numbered days of the month and to park on the odd numbered side of the street on odd numbered days.
Our Public Works crews are working over-time to ensure there is 24 hour snow removal and plowing taking place in the City. For more information on the City’s Winter Snow and Ice Management, including a list of snow clearing and sanding priorities, please visit:

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