Snow Advisory

The accumulation of snow over the past few days, coupled with another 10-15 cm forecast for today is making travel very difficult.   The snow is expected to ease this evening giving the snow clearing crews a chance to catch up. In the meantime, expect challenging driving conditions today, be patient as the snow clean up continues and don’t travel if you don’t have to.


School closures for SD #8 are confirmed as well as closures for Selkirk College.  Shortly after 8am this morning transit service in the city was suspended. The transit connector (#99) to Castlegar and Balfour (#10) are in service  and attempting to stay on schedule.

City Snow Clearing

The priority for snow clearing today are the major routes and the emergency routes. We will also be focusing on the bus routes, attempting to reinstate regular transit service. Side streets and dead-ends, unfortunately, may not be cleared until the crews catch up on the major routes.

Road Closures

We have implemented a number of road closures this morning:
Cedar Street from Carbonate to Vernon Street
Pine Street from Douglas to View Street
Carbonate Street from Hendryx to Josephine Street
Hart Street from Falls to Creek Street


The cemetery is closed.

Lakeside Park & Dog Walk

It will be a few days before the Lakeside dog walk and the Lakeside Promenade are plowed out.

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