Nelson Regional Sports Council

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Nelson and Regional Sports Council is to bring together and support sport groups in the Nelson region for community harmony, health, and prosperity.

A Brief History

Recognizing the need to coordinate all local sports in a much more effective way, a group of volunteers established the NRSC in 1999, to pool ideas, provide expertise and resources, and advocate for better sports facilities. The four volunteers all had long standing connections and involvemnet with a variety of local sports and their commitment got the first tentative steps of the new organisation going. The four volunteers were: John Dooley, Roy Heuckendorff, Terri Kinrade, and Barry Taylor. Although not officially a founding member, Laura Torrens took on the role of Secretary Treasurer in those first years and has been with the organisation ever since, now taking the Chair position. The intent of the NRSC was to collaborate, coordinate, and lobby on behalf of the needs of all the local sport groups. The NRSC has been instrumental in securing new facilities such as the Lakeside Park playing fields and the Nelson & District Community Complex, with then Chair Roy Heuckendorff taking the lead in both projects. The NRSC also has a License to occupy the Civic Arena as negotiated by Heuckendorff after the successful referenndum for new facilities, and operates the facility on behalf of all ice user groups. The Nelson Regional Sports Council is a not for profit organization.

Statement of Principles

  • We value a healthy and physically active community.
  • We believe accessibility to sport, be it physical, financial or otherwise, should be available to all community members and in particular our youth.
  • We believe that good quality facilities, the development of sport tourism, and community sport coordination are fundamental elements in providing accessibility.
  • We believe that community collaboration in the spirit of cooperation is key to fulfilling our mission.


The Nelson Regional Sport Council currently holds a Licence to Occupy the Nelson Civic Centre Arena and is responsible for its operations. The Council also acts as a funding agent and fully supports the “Get Out and Get Active” (GOGA) initiative and provides administrative support to KidSport™ Nelson. Many members of the NRSC Board sit on the committees of GOGA and KidSport™ Nelson.

The Objectives of the NRSC

  • Act as a group that represents, advocates, and lobbies on behalf of the sporting community for the good of the whole community.
  • Act as a central communications body for the sporting community.
  • Act as a funding agent when necessary with the purpose of forwarding the interests of sport participation of local members.
  • Act as a sport community resource that provides information and sport organizational support when necessary.

For more information please visit the Nelson Regional Sports Council website.

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