Corporate GHG Reduction Plan

Corporate Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan

The City of Nelson has established a Corporate Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan [PDF - 269 KB] to create a roadmap for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions produced through the corporate operations of the City of Nelson.

For more information on the plan, please contact:

Fiona Galbraith
Corporate Climate Action Coordinator

Key Points of the GHG Reduction Plan (Change)

  • Pertains to corporate operations only, community greenhouse gas emissions are being addressed under the Community Energy and Emissions Action Plan
  • Plan includes emission reduction targets of 25% by 2015, 36% by 2020, and 43% by 2025 below 2007 levels
  • Plan includes a forecast for 2050 emission reduction predictions, this is an estimated value based on current day assumptions and is not a firm commitment target
  • Reduction targets will be re-evaluated and refined every five years in order to incorporate advances in technology and improvements in available data
  • Greenhouse gas inventories are completed each year in order to monitor and track progress
  • Staff engagement is crucial to the implementation and ongoing success of the greenhouse gas reduction plan
  • The City of Nelson approved the Corporate Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan in May of 2010 with greenhouse gas emissions decrease of 25% by 2015 below 2007 levels at a cost of approximately $1.2M

The City of Nelson's Corporate Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan [PDF - 269 KB] presents a measured approach to the reduction of the City's corporate greenhouse gas emissions. The goals outlined is this plan are in line with Provincial targets and will place the City on a trajectory to achieve long-term emission reductions within the range of those agreed upon by the global scientific community.

Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Summary - 2007

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