City of Nelson Operations comprises Utilities, Public Works, Transit, Engineering and Parks, and is responsible for the city's infrastructure and maintenance. The department performs year-round maintenance of road and sidewalks, bridge maintenance, dust control, and garbage and recycling pickup, and oversees parking, storm sewers, street lighting, traffic signs, barricades and wharfs.

The water and sanitary sewer utilities have operational as well as capital improvement components. The focus of the water utility for the foreseeable future is to replace aging piping and plan for future system improvements. A water leak detection program was recently completed, the results of which form the basis of the repair program.

The sanitary utility includes the sewage treatment plant (STP), lift stations and the collection network. Recent improvements at the STP are complete and the focus now is on the collection network. Relining existing pipe to prolong its lifespan is a cost-effective means of improving the collection system without having to excavate and replace the piping. An extensive Insituform program is planned for downtown and lower Uphill locations. The process requires repairing, root cutting and flushing the existing sanitary lines.


For general inquires or emergencies, call (250) 352-8238.

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