Meet Your Mayor & Council

An elected Council comprising a mayor and six councillors governs the City of Nelson. Councillors are elected for three-year terms and each member of Council represents the City at large. The Local Government Act gives Council the authority to set budgets, levy taxes and establish policies to guide the growth, development and operation of the City for the benefit and protections of its citizens.

The current City Council was elected November 19, 2011, to govern for the three-year period from December 2011 to the first Monday in December 2014.


Mayor John Dooley

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Police Board
  • RDCK Board
  • Recreation & Aquatic Commission #5
  • Emergency Program Executive
  • Tri-Cities Mayors
  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities Board Member

Councillor Bob Adams

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Treaty Advisory Committee
  • Emergency Program Executive (Alternate)
  • Grievance Committee (Alternate)
  • Youth Centre Advisory Committee (Alternate)
  • Healthy Communities (Alternate)
  • Recreation and Youth (Alternate) 

Councillor Candace Batycki

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Capitol Theatre
  • Community Heritage Commission
  • Cultural Development Commission (Alternate)
  • Library Board (Alternate)

Councillor Robin Cherbo

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Emergency Program Executive
  • Healthy Communities
  • Advisory Planning Commission (Alternate)
  • Grievance Committee

Councillor Paula Kiss

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Nelson & Area Economic Development Partnership
  • Recreation & Aquatic Commission (Alternate)
  • Youth Centre Advisory Committee
  • Advisory Planning Commission

Councillor Deb Kozak

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Nelson & Area Economic Development Partnership
  • Recreation & Aquatic Commission 
  • Treaty Advisory Committee (Alternate) 
  • Director Municipal Insurance Association of BC
  • Executive Member Association of Kootenay Boundary Local Governments

Councillor Donna Macdonald

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Capitol Theatre (Alternate)
  • Cultural Development Commission
  • Community Heritage Commission (Alternate)
  • Library Board
  • RDCK Board (Alternate)

Acting Mayor

The monthly Acting Mayor's schedule indicates which Councillor will fill in for the Mayor if he is away on holidays or out of town on business. The Acting Mayor is also the first to be contacted if the Mayor is unavailable for an event, speaking engagement, etc.

Acting Mayor 2014

  • March 2014 - Councillor  Batycki
  • April 2014 - Councillor Cherbo
  • May 2014 – Councillor  Cherbo
  • June 2014 – Councillor Kiss
  • July 2014 Councillor Kiss
  • August 2014– Councillor Kozak
  • September 2014– Councillor Kozak
  • October 2014– Councillor Macdonald
  • November 2014- Councillor Macdonald


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