Board of Variance

The Local Government Act requires that a Board of Variance, acting as an independent body, hears appeals for relaxation of zoning regulations, extension of non-conforming uses, relaxation of servicing requirements, reconstruction of non-conforming uses and relaxation of tree protection requirements. The Board primarily deals with requests for minor variances to the City of Nelson Zoning Bylaw regarding siting, size and dimensions of buildings where compliance would cause an undue hardship.  The Board meets on an as required basis.

Regulation:            Board of Variance Bylaw
Composition:         The Board of Variance consists of three members appointed
                                 for a 3-year term
Meetings:               As required
Quorum:                Two members one of which must be the Chair
Chair:                     Tom Dool
Documents:           Minutes, reports, bylaw and related documents 
                                 can be found here.


City of Nelson
Board of Variance
Suite 101, 310 Ward Street
Nelson BC V1L 5S4
Phone: 250-352-8202
Fax: 250-352-2131
Email: Daphne Powell

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