**Find out about Nelson's Wildfire Preparedness Day, and what to do with tall ornamental "evergreen" bushes around your house, by following this link.**

More and more people are becoming familiar with the term “interface fire.” An interface fire is a forest fire (also called a wildfire) that has encroached upon or otherwise threatens a residential area, such as Nelson.

Because of our typically hot, dry summer weather and our proximity to heavily fuelled forests, Nelson homeowners need to take preventative measures to protect themselves and others from encroaching wildfires.  This spring and summer, Nelson Fire Rescue Services will be attending GardenFest, MarketFest, and conducting door-to-door visits in select areas of the city, to raise awareness of how homeowners may choose to modify their properties to reduce their risks. 

The FireSmart Home Owners Manual  provides an excellent set of guidelines for what can be done to best prepare your yard and home for the fire season. Homeowners should specifically look at pages 29 &30 of Chapter 2, to find the do-it-yourself assessment checklist.  Complete the assessment to give yourself a quick idea of the potential risk your home faces, should an interface fire situation develop in the Nelson area.

Need specific plant / landscaping options?  Look over this FireSmart Landscaping Guide for details for plants and materials that need little water, but may offer better fire protection than what you have in place right now.

To improve the condition of your home and property in preparation for fire season, check your roof and gutters to ensure that they are clean of needle and leaf debris. Prune trees and manage undergrowth within 10 meters of your home, and have a garden hose readily available. Remember, no open burning is allowed within the city, so please arrange to bring your yard waste to the transfer station.

Nelson Fire Rescue will be doing "house calls" during late spring/early summer in select areas of Nelson.  Members will offer to assist homeowners in doing a FireSmart evaluation of their properties.  The evaluations are free of charge and place homeowners under no obligations to oblige by FireSmart recommendations.  If you would like to have Nelson Fire Rescue come evaluate your property, contact our fire hall to book a time.

Check the interface fire emergency notices page for wildfire orders or notices that affect the residents of Nelson.  For information from the BC Forest Service--Wildfire Management Branch, visit their website.

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