Osprey Nest LIVE

Nelson Hydro and Columbia Wireless are proud to present :

LIVE STREAMING footage WITH audio of a local Osprey Family! But wait, before you leave us, you may find our motivation that set this project in motion interesting.


Nelson Hydro and our local bird biologist have become increasingly concerned over the last few days about feeding deficiencies for the Osprey. Since the second chick died, the female has become increasingly reluctant to accept fish that were delivered to her. Fish delivery was adjusted from every 2 days, to once a day, and when the hot weather arrived, twice daily. As of yesterday evening there was at least 2 days that no feeding by the female occurred, which prompted us to consider intervention.
We decided that we would attempt one more feeding last night with fresh fish, and check this morning to see whether any had been taken. As a backup plan, we put an intervention plan in place to be ready if needed. At 6:30 this morning we confirmed our fears that the female had not delivered the chick any food last night. With another hot day coming up, severe and irreversible dehydration was very likely.

In line with previous conversations with our biologist, we decided to intervene. A local representative of a sanctuary/rehabilitation institution in Delta BC (ā€œO.W.L.'sā€) had previously agreed to be on site this morning during our feeding tray check, prepared to accept the chick if need be. On confirmation that no feeding had taken place last night, Nelson Hydro decided that recovering the chick and placing it under ā€œO.W.L.ā€ care would be the best available option.

This was done utilizing a large bucket truck and a local utility arborist. The arborist gently removed the chick, placing it into a pillowcase and then inside a hard shell bucket. The chick was brought down and handed over to the local representative from O.W.L. She was prepared to re-hydrate using injections, but decided to see if the bird would eat first, preferring to rehydrate it naturally. The chick ate ravenously and seemed to be fairly strong after eating, so the injection method was put on hold.

By 7:30 this morning the O.W.L. rep and well fed chick were on their way to the Trail airport, with the chick having a free ticket courtesy of Pacific Coastal Air to Vancouver, where it will be picked up by another O.W.L. rep and taken to their Delta rehabilitation facility (more information is available on their web site www.owlcanada.org)

The female returned to the nest after we left the site, but does not appear to be any more despondent or concerned than yesterday. It is hoped that she will now concentrate on feeding herself, and then look for a new mate in preparation for next year's mating season.

Nelson Hydro wishes to graciously thank all those that participated by volunteering their time and equipment during the course of this venture ; Hydro employees, Hydro tree contractor R.O.G, Columbia Wireless, the City of Nelson IT Dept, Cranbrook Ministry of Environment staff, our local bird biologist, our West Kootenay Conservation Officer in Nelson, the O.W.L. organization, Pacific Coastal Air, those people that delivered fish to us, and all the people that followed the footage on the webcam.
Without your eager participation our success would surely have been diminished. Please join in wishing good luck to the little one!

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