EcoSave Questions & Answers

What is the EcoSave program?

A simplified process has been designed for Nelson Hydro customers, who are homeowners, to have a home energy evaluation to determine what energy efficiency upgrades (retrofits) can be done to reduce energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions, and to access current rebate offers.

Why has this program been developed?

The EcoSave pilot program for 2012/2013 has been established as one of the key strategies for the City of Nelsons Low Carbon Path to 2040, Community Energy and Emission Action Plan.  Due to the success thus far, the program will continue for 2014 and 2015.

Is there a program target for energy savings?

The program objectives are to achieve a savings of 30% for both gas and electricity consumption combined in retrofitted homes.

Who funds this program?

The development and implementation of this program has been made possible by funding from, and in no particular order, Nelson Hydro, the City of Nelson, Columbia Basin Trust, FortisBC and Natural Resources Canada.  The program continues to be supported by Nelson Hydro, the CIty of Nelson and FortisBC PowerSense.

What is the role of the EcoSave program coordinator?

The EcoSave program coordinator is responsible for marketing the program to home and business owners, processing registration, assisting homeowners with the process and evaluation of the program. The coordinator will not make recommendations on energy efficiency retrofits or suggest who should be hired to complete retrofits. The EcoSave program coordinator will support homeowners with the process of the program.

Who can register?

The owner of the home may register for the program. The home must be located in the Nelson Hydro service area. For access to the current rebates the home may be a rental home, or be partly rented as long as it can accommodate the home energy evaluation tests that are required. Some restrictions may apply.

(Note: On-bill financing is not available to businesses, if you receive rental income, then it is considered a business).

How can I register?

Registration forms are available at City Hall, online (Registration Form), or contact the EcoSave program coordinator to request a form by email.

What happens after I register?

After you submit your registration form, you will be contacted and a home energy evaluation will be scheduled.

Who performs the home energy evaluation?

A Certified Energy Advisor who is licensed and certified through Natural Resources Canada and working for a service organization.

What is the cost of the home energy evaluation?

Contact the program coordinator for current pricing.
 Carmen Proctor, or call 250.509.2021

When is payment collected?

Payment is due at the time of the energy evaluation.

How will I remember what recommendations have been made?

The Certified Energy Advisor will mail or email a customized retrofit plan to you. This energy efficiency evaluation report will include all of the recommendations that were discussed during the visit, plus an energy efficiency rating score (EnerGuide label) for your home.

Is there an approved contractor list for the EcoSave program?

No. Contractors will not be pre-qualified nor referred for the program. It is the sole decision of the homeowner which contractor to hire. For simplicity we have included a contractor contact list, meant only for convenience. You may choose additional contractors over and above the list. For more information and tips on hiring a contractor go to

As a Participant in the program do I have to complete the energy efficiency recommendations by the Certified Energy Advisor?

No. It is not a program requirement to complete the recommended retrofits. However, it is the objective of the EcoSave program to encourage Participants to improve energy efficiency by completing some or all of the recommended upgrades. Financial options are provided for Participants in another section.

What are some of the benefits of registering with EcoSave?

  • A reduced rate of the initial home energy evaluation.
  • The energy evaluation is scheduled for you.
  • Access to current rebates.
  • From time to time there may be free energy efficiency products to choose from.
  • Simple step-by-step process to follow.
  • Program coordinator can offer support within the process of the program.
  • Financial options to choose from.
  • Improved energy efficiency and comfort in your home.

What are some of the benefits of improving energy efficiency in my home?

  • It will reduce costs on your utility bills.
  • It may improve the comfort in your home.
  • It will have a positive impact on the environment.
  • By completing some or all of the energy efficiency retrofits, the energy efficiency rating (EnerGuide rating) can be determined at the post-retrofit assessment. An EnerGuide rating shows a standard measure of your home's energy performance. It shows you (and future buyers) exactly how energy efficient your home is. For more information on EnerGuide for Houses visit
  • Increased value to the home.

Will I need to sign anything?

Yes. It is necessary for the EcoSave program coordinator to collect information for program evaluation, so the Certified Energy Advisor will require you to sign documents at the time of the home energy evaluation.

What do I do when I have completed the retrofits?

If you have completed retrofits that may be eligible for rebates, contact the service provider to schedule a post-retrofit assessment, and if the retrofits are eligible, the Certified Energy Advisor may assist you with the application that is required.  You will receive an EnerGuide rating for your home.

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