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What is EcoSave? View the video to find out.

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Energy assessments are available, plus you can receive a free post energy assessment valued at over $150.  Access rebates and/or 3.5% financing for energy upgrades. Contact Carmen Proctor for details.

EcoSave Energy Retrofits Program

EcoSave is an energy retrofits program that offers on-bill financing. Energy retrofits are upgrades that can help to reduce energy consumption and save you money. Upgrades include improving insulation, reducing air leakage, and installing more efficient space and water heating systems.

This program has been established as a key strategy in the City of Nelson's Low Carbon Path to 2040, Community Energy and Emissions Action Plan.This program has been designed to simplify the process for homes and businesses to reduce energy consumption and lower greenhouse gases within the community.

Optional Financing for City of Nelson Residents

On-bill financing refers to the financial loan service that the City of Nelson has made available for energy retrofits. The customer will repay the on-bill financing loan on their regular Nelson Hydro utility bill, through automatic withdrawal. The loan is based on approval and is available to those who reside within the City of Nelson. Residents do not need to provide any personal information such as income/debt/credit details, as the loan is based on payment history and property verification. This makes the process very quick for homeowners to access. See the On-Bill Questions & Answers page for more details.

Financing is not mandatory for participation in the EcoSave Program, Participants decide what options are best for them.

Optional Financing for Non-Residents and Business

Nelson & District Credit Union would like to encourage home and business owners to take action to reduce energy consumption and contribute to a sustainable community, so they have offered those who are participating in the program a financing plan for energy efficiency retrofits. Visit for more information regarding financing options.

Funding For This Program

Nelson Hydro is delivering the EcoSave Energy Retrofits Program the following were funding partners during the pilot phase of 2012 and 2013, and FortisBC PowerSense continues to support the program.

Residential Participation Benefits

  • Once you register, a service organization that is contracted to supply energy assessment services will contact you to schedule a home energy assessment, which provides access for current rebates and a customized retrofit plan from the Certified Energy Advisor.
  • You may receive free energy efficiency products that you can install at the time of your energy assessment.
  • An email will be sent to you that includes a contractor list, rebate information and financing options.
  • The EcoSave Program Coordinator will be available for assistance through the process.

Business Participation Benefits

Once you register your business, you will receive information on the energy efficiency incentive programs that pertain to business.

Registation Form [PDF - 111 KB]

Questions and Answers

See the Questions & Answers page.

Step by Step Process

See the Step-By-Step page for details.

Register with EcoSave today and be on your way to start saving energy and money!

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