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2017 Call for Community Initiative Project (CIP) Proposals

The Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) continues to create a legacy of social, economic and environmental well-being in communities around the Columbia Basin by delivering a variety of programs and initiatives that support and respond to the needs of the community.  One of these programs is the  Communities Initiatives Program (CIP/AAp). All areas in the Columbia Basin receive Community Initiatives funding however it is only the areas most affected by the construction of Columbia River Treaty dams that also receive Affected Areas funding (i.e. Communities around the Arrow, Kinbasket, Duncan and Koocanusa reservoirs). CIP grant funding is allocated annually on a ‘per capita’ formula to Local Government partners including the Regional District of Central Kootenay  (RDCK).

The RDCK is contracted by the CBT to administer CIP proposals for the whole Central Kootenay region.  Each year the RDCK calls for project proposals in early January. The 2017 intake period runs from January 8 to 4:30 pm on February 28, 2017.  Public participation and Local Government feedback are welcomed during the grant cycle which runs from January to April prior to CBT’s final grant funding release in June.  Nelson City Council plays an active role in adjudicating CIP proposals requesting funds allocated to the City of Nelson.

The 2017-2018 CIP/AAP Project Application Form is available here (Fillable PDF).

How applicants can strengthen requests for funding allocated to the City of Nelson in 2017:

A.    Follow the Guide

The City of Nelson is committed to a sustainable future. For the City of Nelson; sustainability is about a productive economy, well protected environment and healthy citizens with strong cultural connections. It's about living well today while preparing for the future.
The annual Community Initiatives Program grant cycle provides an ideal opportunity for the community to become familiar with and committed to the City's planning initiatives.  In recent years the City has invested significantly into planning initiatives in collaboration and consultation with the community.  Council intends that these plans form the umbrella under which future work will align. Planning initiatives include the

and for projects relating to the Arts, Culture and Heritage sectors, applicants may reference both the Path to 2040 Sustainability Strategy and Council's Comprehensive Cultural Policy.

Summarized information on the goals and objectives of these plans is outlined in the City of Nelson Application Guidelines [LINK].  Applicants are asked to provide a 1 to 2 page attachment to the CIP/AAP Project Application Form that illustrates how the proposed project aligns with City of Nelson sustainability strategies, goals and objectives.  Written support from other organizations in the community that support the proposed project can also be provided if applicable.  Finally, applicants are also encouraged to take spend some time reviewing the new Columbia Basin Management Plan Strategic Priorities 2017-2020.

B.    Carefully consider Council Policy:

In 2015 Council created a brand new policy to guide the adjudication process (click here for a copy).  The policy was updated in 2016 and now provides that during the adjudication of applications, Council will consider:

  1. the overall impact of the project to the whole community;
  2. whether the project meets the City’s sustainability goals;
  3. whether the project addresses current gaps in service;
  4. whether events should be wholly subsidized by the City or whether
  5. those who are in need should receive the subsidy to attend; and,
  6. whether the project is ongoing or occurs ‘one-time’.

How to Apply:

Nelson City Council adjudicates applications from community groups in accordance with Council's Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiatives Program Policy.  Council has set a ‘soft target’ to equally fund the City's four core Pillars of Sustainability: Environment, Social, Culture, Economy.

Applicants are first required to:
1.    Review the City of Nelson’s Guidelines [PDF]
2.    Review Council Policy [PDF]
3.    Applicants are urged to consider these Five Key Areas:

Council has expressly requested that applicants clearly address five key areas when applying for funds allocated to the City of Nelson:

  1. Community initiatives that will benefit areas outside the City of Nelson must clearly show what funding has been requested from the other jurisdictions on the application form. CIP proposals that benefit residents beyond the City of Nelson’s boundaries should request funds from those electoral districts also.
  2. Applicants should show any other funding streams available for the proposed project.
  3. Applicants must demonstrate alignment between the project proposal goals and the City's Path to 2040 Sustainability Strategy goals and objectives.
  4. Complete and solid supporting financial information is required for all project proposals.
  5. The end result of any project proposal should not displace higher levels of government funding.  This means that the provision of CIP funds to the project should not inadvertently result in higher levels of Government (Provincial or Federal) downloading their responsibilities to Local Government.
  6. After the above review, applicants should then
  7. Complete the RDCK 2017-2018 CIP/AAP Project Application Form [Fillable PDF]
  8. Provide a 1 to 2 page attachment to the application that clearly demonstrates how the project proposal aligns with the City's planning initiatives and meets at least one or more of the City's goals and objectives.

When and where to submit 2017 Applications:

2017 Community Initiative Project Proposals will only be accepted by the RDCK until 4:30 pm on Tuesday February 28, 2017.   Please submit applications directly to the RDCK and not to the City of Nelson.

During March 2017 applicants for funding allocated to the City of Nelson will be emailed an invitation to present about their project proposals to Nelson City Council at a Special Committee of the Whole meeting to be held in April (date to be confirmed).  This meeting provides Council an opportunity to ask questions about the proposed project and meet the project proponents.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to present.  Council adjudicates the project proposals shortly thereafter and sends a final recommendation to the RDCK Board in early May.  The RDCK Board makes its final decision at its May 2017 Board meeting and the CBT distributes CIP grant funding in June 2017.

Who to Contact:


Judy Madelung
CBT Coordinator/Administrative Clerk
Regional District of Central Kootenay
Box 590 - 202 Lakeside Dr., Nelson BC V1L 5R4
Phone 250-352-8170 / 1-800-268-7325  Fax 250-352-9300

City of Nelson

Joanne Caldecott
Deputy Corporate Officer
City of Nelson
101-310 Ward Street, Nelson BC V1L 5S4
Phone 250-352-8285 Fax 250-352-2131


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