Dog Walking & Map

The City of Nelson has established dog on leash, off leash, and restricted zones, to ensure a balance to keep the city clean and safe for the public and visitors.

Leashed dogs are welcome in the downtown core (See map below). The waterfront is divided into three zones for off leash, leashed, and dog restricted areas. The off-leash dog-walking area is found along the waterfront, adjacent to the Norman Stibbs Airfield.  Between the Airport and Lakeside Park, dogs are required to be leashed.  Lakeside Park itself is a dog restricted area.  See Schedule D Bylaw 2333 [PDF - 1.4 MB] for a full map of the waterfront zones. Wherever you walk in the city, please remember to clean up after your pet.

Downtown Dog Leash Map [PDF - 352 KB]

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