Severe & Extreme Weather

severe weather

In Nelson, severe weather can happen at any time, without warning and in any season. Thunderstorms, hail, blizzards, ice storms, high winds or heavy rain are some of the severe weather that Nelson and area see year after year.

With severe weather often comes a loss of power, so be prepared to be on your own by developing a personal emergency plan, putting together your emergency preparedness kit and connecting with your neighbours.

Extreme weather is events like droughts or prolonged cold spells. Being prepared with stored water, extra supplies and blankets etc can help your family stay comfortable during prolonged weather events.

Learn more about severe & extreme weather here.

How to stay Informed?

Get alerted to Severe Weather Warnings effecting Nelson and area by downloading any of these weather apps:

ECCC Weather B.C: Canada’s official weather and climate source.

B.C. Weather Alerts: Public weather alerts for British Columbia.

Environment Canada: Weather conditions all across Canada

Get current road conditions and travel warnings through Drive BC.

DriveBC: Highway conditions, highway cams and delay information.

DriveBC Weather Information: Route forecasts and current conditions.

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