For the Record

The City of Nelson provides updates to the public on various City initiatives and services via a number of platforms including social media, local media outlets, print media, and radio. On occasion, we find a correction or clarification is needed when a media story, letter to the editor, or a social media post, contain errors.

When we notice that there is misinformation or a misunderstanding of City business circulating, we will endeavor to "set the record straight" by providing factual and clarifying information directly to the public via For the Record. Council welcomes comments from the public and respects diverse opinions, but wants those opinions to be based on factual information.  Council is asking those that have posted incorrect information to refrain from continuing to misinform our community. 

If you have questions around the information provided by the City, please reach out to us directly for clarification. Your comments can be emailed to

June 18, 2020

Nelson Disc Golf Course in Rosemont

April 15, 2020

5th Generation Wireless Technology

February 28, 2020

City of Nelson Natural Gas Assets

February 12, 2020

Nelson Fibre

Water License Reserve

COOL IT Climate Leadership School Program

Community Solar Garden