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January 24th, 2023:The conceptual designs of the Rosemont Transportation Improvements have been completed and will be publicly available in the next few weeks. City Staff are now looking to collect feedback from the community on these designs to ensure they fit with how the community operates. Keep an eye out for signage along the route, newspaper ads, letters, and social media posts. 

November 23rd, 2022: City Staff presented on the next steps of the Rosemont Transportation Improvements to Council on November 22nd and discussed the design, public engagement priorities, and budgetary implications of the project.

October 29th, 2022: The ThoughtExchange for the Rosemont Primary Bike Route has been completed! Thank you to everyone who contributed and provided their thoughts. This valuable feedback has been condensed into a "What We Heard Report" in the side column under Active Transportation Documents. The next steps in the Public Engagement Strategy will commence soon.

Please also check out the entire Public Engagement Strategy for this project in the side column.

Current Projects

Rosemont Transportation Improvements

The City is currently working on the next phase of the Active Transportation Implementation Plan. This second phase will improve transportation for ALL modes of transport between the City core and the neighbourhood of Rosemont. This connection was indicated as a missing link in the Active Transportation Implementation Plan. Proposed improvements will include safer routing for pedestrians, better sightlines and more efficient traffic flows for drivers, and a separated lane for cyclists.

See below, an estimated timeline for this project updated October 28th, 2022.

Rosemont Bike Route Project Timeline - REVISED

Bicycle Parking

The City of Nelson's Active Transportation Plan identifies limited bicycle parking as a major issue to be addressed in order to encourage cycling in Nelson.

Bicycle Parking Design Guidelines have been prepared to help guide the installation of new bicycle parking. Proper design and siting of bicycle parking can reduce the life-cycle cost of this infrastructure and ensure proper, convenient use by the public. The guidelines include recommendations for types of racks, design, and siting on City and private property.

Short Term Bicycle Parking means a short term visitor bicycle parking facility that offers some security and may be partially protected from the weather.

Long Term Bicycle Parking means a secure, weather protected bicycle parking facility used to accommodate long term parking such as for residents or employees.

The City's Off-street Parking and Landscape Bylaw includes regulations for bicycle parking.

If you have any questions about Active Transportation in Nelson, please contact:

Matt Kuziak

City Planner