Secondary Suites

Secondary suites and laneway houses are permitted in most residential zoning, subject to regulations as set out in the:

Key Notes:

  • One additional parking space is required.
  • There are Emergency Access Requirements for secondary suites and laneway houses.
  • Laneway Houses (Detached Secondary Dwelling Units - DSDU) are required to have a Gross Floor Area of between 30 sq. m. (323 sq. ft) and 65 sq. m. (700 sq. ft.).
  • Except as otherwise permitted, a Detached Secondary Dwelling Unit shall not be permitted on a lot if the lot contains a single detached dwelling with a secondary suite or a duplex.
  • Secondary Suites are required to have a Gross Floor Area of between 30 sq. m. (323 sq. ft) and 90 sq. m. (968 sq. ft.), but may not exceed 40% of the habitable dwelling area of the principal house.
  • Standard setbacks and lot coverage restrictions apply.
  • A second electrical service for the new dwelling is likely required. Contact Nelson Hydro for details.
  • Utility connection fees may apply and separate servicing billing (water and sewer) will commence. In most cases, a secondary unit receives a 75% discount on water and sewer, provided that it is not used as a short-term rental.

Other requirements apply. Please contact Development Services. Note: this is a reference page only. It is an applicant’s responsibility to refer to the applicable bylaws and other regulations. Technical and design requirements are subject to change. Each application is reviewed by an interdepartmental staff team on a case-by-case basis.