Public Works & Utilities

Duties & Responsibilities

The foundations of day-to-day life in Nelson are the responsibility of Public Works. Things like streets and lanes, boulevards, sidewalks, bridges, retaining walls, railings, signage, storm sewers, snow removal, and street sweeping are looked after by Public Works crews. Additionally, Public Works looks after projects such as major road work and the annual paving program.

Public Works Yard

Parks Department

Under Public Works, the Parks Department maintains all City parks for the safety and enjoyment of residents and visitors. The Utilities Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the water system and sanitary sewer system, including water quality monitoring, main flushing and repair, hydrant and valve servicing, as well as maintenance of sewer lines and sanitary lift stations, and operation of the sewage treatment plant.


Numerous capital projects are undertaken each year, sometimes in conjunction with local service clubs, which enhance Nelson’s public spaces.