The Nelson Police Department is currently  accepting applications at this time. Application deadline is July 31, 2022.

The role of the Reserve Officer is that of a trained volunteer under  the direct supervision of a regular police officer.  The Nelson Police  currently have an active compliment of five Reserve Officers. The  dedicated members of the Nelson Reserve Unit undergo over one hundred  and twenty hours of training, much the same as regular police officers  in their initial instruction phase at a police academy.  Each of the  reserves volunteer over one hundred hours per year to activities which  include:

  • Patrol duties with regular members
  • Traffic control for parades, functions and special events, including By-law enforcement and security functions
  • Park Patrol on bicycles, on foot, or in the Community Policing vehicle
  • Prisoner Guarding and security at crime scenes
  • Bicycle Safety Programs, including bike rodeos and school safety lectures
  • Assist and instruct at the annual Nelson Emergency Services Camp

For information on the Nelson Reserve Program contact NPD at 250-354-3919 or

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