Delegation is the term used to outline the process where an individual or group appears before City Council in order to make a presentation. This may include a request for action, or a request to bring Council up to date on a project, idea or concept; or provide further information on a current issue that is before Council for decision. Council does not typically hear from the public during Regular meetings unless the matter is of broad interest and falls within the jurisdiction of the City of Nelson. Residents are encouraged to address Council at Committee of the Whole meetings.


The process is governed by the Council Procedure Bylaw 3184, 2011. Sections 4.7 and 4.8 states that the Corporate Officer is granted the authority to schedule delegations according to the nature and priority of the subject matter and must adhere to the time allocated for this purpose at Committee of Whole meetings. Every effort is made to assign a date as soon as possible depending on various factors such as whether or not a staff report on the matter is pending and upon the timeliness of the issue. The Corporate Officer may also refuse a delegation request if the matter is outside the jurisdiction of the City of Nelson.

How to Get Onto a Meeting Agenda

All persons wishing to be approach Council are asked to submit a written request or complete the Delegation Request Form (PDF) to the Deputy Corporate Officer. The written request should specify the date at which the delegation is to appear, include the name(s) of the person(s) making the report (or presentation) together with a copy of the relevant presentation in written form. The written submission must be complete and clearly state any requests being made of Council and any recommended Council resolutions. Please keep in mind that all written requests must be received by 12:00 noon on the Friday ten days preceding the meeting date. This time restriction exists to permit the Deputy Corporate Officer enough time to prepare the upcoming Council Agenda.

Each delegation may speak for a maximum of five minutes to make their presentation unless the Mayor and/or Council extend the time allotted by resolution. After the presentation is made, time will be given for Council members to ask questions of the delegation.

The Deputy Corporate Officer will respond to the request in writing (via email) to confirm the date of the meeting at which the delegation is scheduled and the time they should arrive.

Tips for Addressing Council

The Mayor will invite delegations to speak according to the order shown on the Agenda. Only the speaker at the podium will be addressed, and if there is a delegation of more than one person, the delegation should identify the representative who will speak on their behalf.

When speaking to Council, use “Your Worship” to directly address the Mayor and use "Councillor" followed by their last name when addressing a Council member. State your name clearly for the record and indicate any related professional affiliation. Eg. "My name is .............. Representing ........................” State the purpose of your address, "I would like to ...............". Speak within the time allotted, and ensure the information you provide is related to the item on the agenda. Ending with "This concludes my comments, Your Worship" advises Council that you are finished your presentation. Questions from Council.

The Mayor will invite Council members to ask any questions of the speaker individually. Again, you will address the Mayor in your response, not individual Council Members with "Thank you Your Worship". If referring to a Council member, use their title, "Councillor", followed by their last name.

Please ensure you answer the question as directed by Council and do not engage in a debate. If there are no further questions, the Mayor will thank you for your comments after which time you are free to leave the meeting.