Bylaw Adjudication

Step One: You Receive a Bylaw Notice

Bylaw Notice Dispute ProcessYou have the option to either pay the Bylaw Notice or dispute it. You have 14 days upon receipt of the Bylaw Notice to dispute it. If a dispute is not filed with the Bylaw Enforcement Department within the 14 days, you will not be able to dispute it later. For full information on 'How to Dispute a Bylaw Notice' click here.

Dispute forms can be delivered, emailed or faxed (within 14 days) to: 

City of Nelson - Bylaw Enforcement Department
606 Stanley Street
Nelson BC V1L 1N4

Phone: (250) 354-3919

Fax: 250-354-4179
Email Bylaw Enforcement

The City's Screening Officer reviews all disputes received by the City's Bylaw Enforcement Department.

Step Two: the Bylaw Notice Dispute Process

The City's Screening Officer will receive and review the Bylaw Notice Dispute Form and is authorized by bylaw to either:

  • Cancel a Bylaw Notice
  • Enter into a Compliance Agreement and reduce the penalty upon compliance with the bylaw
  • Uphold a Bylaw Notice

Upheld Bylaw Notice

If the Screening Officer upholds the Bylaw Notice, you will be given the option to request an Adjudication Hearing. The Adjudication Request form (PDF) is required for this process to proceed.

Step Three: the Adjudication Hearing

If the Screening Officer upholds the Bylaw Notice, a date and time for an Adjudication Hearing will be set which shall take place in: 

Council Chambers at City Hall
Suite 101
310 Ward Street
Nelson, BC

At the Adjudication Hearing, evidence shall be presented and the Adjudicator shall decide whether the offence did or did not occur. If an offence did occur, the violation notice must be paid in full, plus an additional $25 administrative fee. If an offence is deemed not to have occurred the violation notice is cancelled and no penalties are assessed.