Zoning Bylaw

The City of Nelson Zoning Bylaw establishes zones and regulates the following:

  • Area, shape and dimensions of all parcels of land that may be created by subdivision
  • Density
  • Permitted uses on any parcel of land within the city
  • Siting, sizing and dimensions of buildings and structures

The City of Nelson Interactive Zoning Map identifies the established zones within the City of Nelson. Residents and developers seeking to alter the use of a property will need to consult the Zoning Map and the Zoning Bylaw to determine if their proposal complies with existing zoning.

Off-Street Parking & Landscape Bylaw

The Off-Street Parking and Landscape Bylaw establishes regulations pertaining to parking of vehicles and bicycles, commercial loading, and landscaping requirements. This bylaw must be consulted in conjunction with the Zoning Bylaw.


For information on the rezoning process and the City's role, refer to our Highlights document on Zoning Amendments (PDF). Applicants seeking to change the permitted use and/or density must apply to rezone their property and are encouraged to contact the Development Services and Climate Leadership Department prior to formally submitting a Development Application Form (PDF).

Electrical Servicing Requirements

Applicants must contact Nelson Hydro for electrical servicing requirements.

Review by City Commissions

Applications to amend the Official Community Plan and/or Zoning require review by the Advisory Planning Commission prior to proceeding to Council. Please contact City Staff for additional information.

Rezoning Timeline