Business Licence

Business Licence Overview

Any person owning or operating a business within the City of Nelson must obtain an annual Business Licence. This applies to all retail and commercial establishments, management and professional firms, home-based businesses, tourist accommodations, short-term rentals and medical cannabis operations. Business Licences are issued annually.

Changes to Your Licence

Business owners are required to notify the City of Nelson of any changes to their business licence. Updates to an existing business licence can be submitted using the Business Licence Revision Form (PDF).


The issuance of a business licence is dependent on being in compliance with several City departments regulations. Regulations vary by type of business being conducted. The Zoning Bylaw regulates which business activities are permitted in each zone as well as home-based businesses.

Mobile Businesses (Inter-Community Business License)

The City of Nelson is participating in the West Kootenay Inter-Community Business Licence Program, which covers 5 municipalities. The ICBL allows mobile businesses to operate in multiple municipalities, under one licence, rather than obtaining non-residence licences from each municipality.

For More Information

Contact the City of Nelson Finance Department by calling 250-352-8248, or email the City of Nelson Finance Department.